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    Thank you for this great tutorial. Now if got it running on my windows and linux machine, thanks.
    By the way, the steam page for relic hunters zero says there would be no linux, nor OSX verision, so i would like to know if you have problems compiling them?
    If that is the case, I already got them (well, at least the linux version, but i can also compile for mac osx)
    If you want I could send you the pre-compiled binaries of relic hunters zero, create a github repository for them, or upload them to my website, so you can add them to steam and possibly attract more players.

    Edit: I maby can give you pre-compiled binaries for all platforms that game maker studio pro allows, this includes native windows 8 versions, html5, android, ios, tizen and windows phone 8. If i can become a verified sony developer, i may also can give you play station binaries. If you want any of them, just ask me. But i must say that i can only give you linux binaries for now, and only maby i can give you pre-compiled binaries for the others
  • Hey Quote!

    I haven't tried Linux yet. Only Linux machine I got is a beta Steam Machine I got from Gigabyte, will try it eventually.

    But I did have trouble with Mac. The game compiles alright, but there is some serious problem with Surfaces that I can't quite figure out.
  • Thank you for the reply. Currently a friend of mine has my mac because he moves away. I will get it back in about two weeks or even less. When I get it back I will try to fix it.
  • Whoa would you really? I barely know you and already love you haha :D

  • Sure. Well, I will try at least. I don't know if I really am able to solve the problem, but will at least try :).
    Until then I also wanted to look into game maker virtual keyboards, so that maby i could add one to the game and play it on my android smart phone.
  • will you port it to android? or at least try? and if you manage will you leave a dropbox link or a place for me to download it.
  • Sorry, not porting to android... the controls would be a total mess, would need to redesign the game significantly
  • the game has controller support right? + Quote said he has the bianary files or what ever that means.
  • yup. the game is open source, friend :)
  • im not skilled in programing. as you can tell by my last statement. what is bianary? if were friends can i friend you on steam?
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    Hello Kingbuddy07, pre-compiled binaries are basicly just the finished game.
    Every programm needs to be compiled before it can be run, if you were to open the game without compiling it, you would juts end up with text files.
    I already compiled a windows installer, a windows standalone (no installment required) and a linux version. If markventure allows me to upload them i could give them to you.
    Sorry, not porting to android... the controls would be a total mess, would need to redesign the game significantly
    Yes, but i still wanna try it out :). My current problem is that i don't know how i should implement the aiming on android, but i will probaby find a way around, like taping an enemy before shooting for automatic aim.
    will you port it to android? or at least try?
    Yes. By the way, I am currently downloading the android sdk. When I finished installing it, I might already be abled to compile (create) an android version. But as I and markventurelli already said, there would be no fitting controles (if it even works). Maby you could connect a keyboard or a gamepad to your smartphone, and try out if it works, but I'm not sure. But i wouldn't get your hopes up.
  • Quote, I do have a 100% functional auto-aim in the game. I designed it for people with disabilities or who are not used to dual-stick shooters to play using only the left stick + any buttons needed. You can start from there, it's pretty solid
  • Thanks, i didn't even notice. This will help enormously.
  • can i post images to show you i can use app called game keyboard 2 call out after the app exit i can pull up keyboard then use tape to shoot + auto aim the onlt thing is you would have to make the game as you are texting or browsing like an iphoe has circle at bottom like that then cut it like that and display game on top half. can i upload pics 2 this forum to show you what i mean. this would be the best android game ever.
  • sorry its lil late i had baseball practice.
  • sorry for another post i just wanted to say if you needed help i will gladly help.
  • I guess you can upload images.
    But that is a brilliant idea with the keyboard2call app, which as far as i understood lets you open the android keyboard inside an app manually. I will try it out after i got the apk, but this will probably still need a while, because i need to download quite a few files and my internet isn't really the best ;).
    Forcing a keyboard to open might be a good short term fix, but i think needing to install an extra application just to play a game is a bit distracting, so i will still go for the plan of rewriting the controles for android. This will look better too, i think.
  • your internet is probabley hevan compared to mine try 2mb per second when your paying for 50 mb per second speed.
  • i have a moga pro controller bluetooth for android if you compile the files i can test if its compatible with android/bluetooth gamepads
  • hey i stay up till about 2:00 -3 ish i dont know what time it would be in your state but want 2 play a game on steam?
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    sry, fell asleep. I'm in germany and we already have 5:45 AM. I really would have loved to play with you but I'm not used to staying up so long :D
    Well, if you want to play sometimes in the future here is my steam profile http://steamcommunity.com/id/HDQuote maby you can send me a friend request :)
    Oh, and my the way, I'm still downloading some sdk files needed to compile the android version... This means I might need a few more houres....
  • Sounds good I will my steam user name is kingbubby something I can't rember my profile pic is clap trap from borderlands
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    ok, little update about the android version. Not sure where to post, so i keep on posting here.
    I've got the game to run on my android phone, you can already shoot and select items in the menu (i didn't need to do anything for that, just remove a few lines of code and correct a misspelling, this is all in my github pull-request).
    I only need to add virtual keys now, which should be easy and the android version should be finished.

    here a little video of me running relic hunters zero on android.
  • looks great have 2 watch still playing games w/ my bro. yes post here
  • how do u sign your apps. i try stuff like moding flappy bird assets but it says app not installed and after some research its because the app has to be signed. how do you sign yours?
  • i subbed so any further uploads i can watch. im playing castle crashers w my br on xbox. i dont own on pc sorry random bit.
  • oh thank you :) i didn't mean to spam this page with all of my posts, sorry.
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    any status on a linux binary being made available? i dont have a windows machine at all, and i dont think theres any way to compile gamemaker projects on linux :P im running arch linux btw, if thats useful information
  • Yes I'm almost positive it will be on linux. Ask quote. U have steam account?
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