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Update 3 - Patch Notes

Hey hunters,

It is weekend 3, Update 3 and you are 300,000 hunters around the world! See the pattern there? It is a VERY GOOD one, very good indeed.

You have been making really cool mods, and you have inspired Betu and I to work very hard on the next big things. Endless mode is almost complete! We still need to implement Digging, Chests and Hacking, which should all be done next weekend. If everything works fine, we should all be sharing our high scores before October.

I also completely rebalanced the base gameplay and Adventure mode to make space for all the cool stuff coming from Endless. The game will be a bit easier on Adventure mode now, and the grinding a bit faster. We want everyone to learn how to beat the Ducan Commander in Adventure before he’s ready to completely destroy you all again in Endless.

Also, I would like to thank the new Open Source contributors that have added their code to the game. If you are waiting for me to approve a Pull Request, please be patient. I have very little free time to work on the game, so I prioritized the new Endless features over integrating and testing your code. I am sorry, and promise to stop procrastinating as soon as you’re reading this.

Finally, some of you may have noticed our Localization spreadsheet has been locked. This is due to heavy changes from Endless development. Since I don’t want you to lose translation work, or end up creating bugs while the new mode is being made, it will stay locked until Endless is content-complete (which should happen next weekend). Thanks for your support!

If you want to test the incomplete Endless mode right now, there are many new things for you to play with. The password, as usual, is “endlesstester”.

See development in real-time here:

As always, hit me up on twitter if you wanna chat (@markventurelli)

Happy huntin’


Raff's Keytar piercing reduced from 10 to 3
Raff's Keytar ammo cost increased from 1 to 3
Ace's accuracy increased slightly for SMGs and Rifles
Biu's melee stamina cost increased from 0 to 15
Starting Light ammo on Adventure Mode increased from 80 to 120
Increased maximum Light ammo from 250 to 360
Increased maximum Light ammo from 150 to 280
Increased maximum Light ammo from 250 to 400
Reduced Ducan Commander's HP from 9600 to 6000
Reduced Shield Generator's HP from 1000 to 600
Reduced enemy Machinegun damage from 12 to 10
Reduced Boss Gun damage from 32 to 16
Reduced Boss Gun projectile speed from 36 to 32
Reduced Homing Rocket damage from 200 to 160
Reduced Checkpoint1 price from 2000 to 1000
Reduced Checkpoint2 price from 6000 to 3000
Reduced Checkpoint3 price from 12000 to 6000
Set all Adventure Mode high tier weapon prices to 5000
Set all Adventure Mode last Relic prices to 4500
Reduced second Overshield price from 3000 to 1500
Added extra ammo and health spawns to Adventure mode
Set all Ducan shields' strength to 100
Set all Tier 3 turtles' HP to 120
Reduced all enemy projectile speeds by 20%
Watchful Eye now gives a bit less maximum ammo bonus
Watchful Eye now increases ammo and grenade pickup from boxes

The Endless Shop is open for business!
Gunnar has arrived at the Endless Shop and will upgrade your weapons up to +9
Ace' shop now has 3 Resource slots and 3 Tiered slots
Relics can now be seen and activated on the Endless Shop
13 new Endless-exclusive Weapons!
5 new Endless-exclusive Relics!
16 Challenges are now available!
Challenges are randomly activated every 2 levels in Endless
Enemies don't drop guns on Endless any more
Tweaked item spawn type and rarity in Endless
Tweaked enemy spawn in Endless
Added Endless-specific hints

Fixed a bug where the character on "Random" would be Ace on the first time, every time
Fixed a bug where characters would sometimes shoot or dash when entering a room or unpausing the game
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