Getting recording gear, thinking about doing Video tutorials

Hey hunters,

I won some recording equipment (mic, audio interface, etc) as a prize for last month's IGN game jam (we got 2nd place).

I'm thinking about recording some video tutorials for modding Relic Hunters Zero. Which topics you think would be most useful?

Perhaps it can help draw more people to the modding community and keep everyone busy until we can announce the next big thing for the game :)


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    Well my personal problem was simply that the game couldn't launch in Game Maker, but that's probably a bug.
    Until I get back to it and try fixing it I don't really know what topic might be interesting.
    There's a lot of character/gun mods already, which make me think; why are there barely any levels or modes? I mean, modes might be a bit too complicated, but making levels (as empty and simple as they often are) and interactive terrain (spikes and pumpkins with candy! YAY!) or enemies ( "insert random quote concerning enemies here" ) seems fairly simple, at least for these guys that manage to make full working characters with weapons, descriptions and fairly balanced stats. (Huge props to them, you and all programmers, this seems like learning chinese, some alien language, gibberish and anything that comes to your mind that is hard to me )
  • Creating maps :)
  • Weapons, Maps, and characters.
  • why not do everything, starting with characters, then moving onto maps since those are always in high demand.
  • Projectiles and enemies too!
  • Cool, so I'll probably do this then:

    1) Video version of the existing "Basics" and "Weapon" tutorials
    2) How to create a level and include it in Adventure or Endless mode
    3) How to create a new projectile type
    4) How to create a new enemy
    5) How to create a new Hero

    Sounds good?

    I will try to do one video every weekend as soon as my gear arrives! :)
  • sounds great!
  • * whispers excitedly to self * I'm finallly gonna be of some use to something! He he cha cha cha woo!
  • Yay can't wait till you do the levels.
  • I would watch
  • @camerox HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY it's been a while!
  • @1hkem busy making my game
  • what's your game all about? 3d? platformer? shooter? rpg?
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    Ugh, two weeks in and still no recording gear.

    I guess I have to be patient since it is a prize and all that, sorry for the wait =o
  • It's a ok mark
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    FINALLY got my gear (a month after I told you I would, and it was already late by then).

    Here it is in all its glory: image

    Probably won't be able to record anything tomorrow, though, as my girlfriend came to spend the weekend (she lives at another city).

    But next weekend, for sure! :D
  • Really nice my dude
  • DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN SON, that looks like really high quality :O
  • 3 monitors? this guy means business!
  • @Red He isnt kidding around right? hahaha
  • And also are your tutorials going to be only about how to do stuff on relic hunters?
  • @TacoDude117 I would assume not, but mainly.
  • @1hkem it would be great he made of other stuff or requests, i would like him to explain his two player system :p
  • Clearly the most advanced piece of equipment on his desk is that miniature WALL-E
  • remember kids that oop is good (game maker is basically just oop)
  • It has begun :D

  • :3 damn ... miss this place ^^
    to be honest ... I stop making stuff for like a month or 2 now. Thought this guy forgot about us all :v
    But now, seem like there still hope for me again. *so many things still left unfinish ...
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