Getting recording gear, thinking about doing Video tutorials



  • RedRed
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    i watched the hole thing, still can't make a gundam, i call scam!

    jk these videos are awesome

    (btw i don't know who you were reffering to when you said "we have some nice people there" but i blushed a little :3)
  • Sorry :)

    Like I said, I was working on two other games. My plan is to find some spare time to do a few more updates on Zero before moving on to the next big thing in Relic Hunters
  • you can say "how fast the bullet will slow down" actually xD
  • Haha thanks :)

    Speaking on camera is harder than it seems :'O
  • @ThoBeo I can't blame you! every weekend I completely forget about the place, but then the sorrows of Monday force me to find happiness and enjoyment, and this is one of the places I go, in hopes of actually getting some of that happiness and enjoyment.
  • Charge gun class && gun class +
    Melee class (that is way more powerful than the one already there)
    Slot machine and sacrifice table for endless

    Ah memories...

    PS Also add the punch bowl (extra knockback)
  • @camerox :v I sketched out idea for new relic long ago and I might ask for your help in coding in the future :3 when I got the sprite works done.
    And yeah, I love our slot machine!
  • If you guys draw a Relic that increases Accuracy I can implement it in the next patch :) @ThoBeo, @camerox, @Red
  • hm ... :v sound interesting!
  • @ThoBeo nah I'm not modding RHZ anymore I am creating my own game.
  • @camerox i agree with you, i do loved to mod RHZ but it doesnt has that much of replayability (i dont know how to write that) so im working on my own game too.
    But there is some stuff of the RHZ engine, i´ll like to implement into my game, i already did a post about that, anyways
    Where are you coding your game camerox
  • well then I'll just make sprites and share in the forum, hope some 1 find it interesting and finish the work.
  • @TacoDude117 I am using java with the processing library... Doing everything (except the stuff that processing does) manually.
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    Ok here it is, 2 concept relic.
    Master Glove and Mega Quantum Chip
    *not good at naming stuffs :v lol!
  • haha i love the names :D

    They will be in the game this weekend \o/
  • RedRed
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    don't mind this comment
  • Cool :3
    @Red Hi there! Can't ignore you, mate. Do you making anything lately?
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    @markventurelli This weekend ??!?! :D yay
    @ThoBeo Maybe it should be called power glove, reference to that shitty one for the NES (or, considering it's crap, make it DECREASE accuarcy for power)
    I think an Accuarcy up relic would make my Punny and Ace runs much more manageable. Or I guess Punny's only, as Ace you at least get some cool sh*t to play around with (I once got a rocket launcher on first freaking floor)
  • RedRed
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    i made a sprite for the relic but i saw you already made some so i decided to improve mine and took down the comment which showed it :) can't delete the comment so now i's just an "ignore me" sign @ThoBeo

    and yes, i have making some sprites on my own, like actual animations, made i cool one, i opened firefox, it crashed my pc, stopping the download of the sprite which i was just saving and is now lost :) so yea, screw firefox AND gamemaker for taking 3 hours to save 3 sprites.
    Completely lost any desire of spriting after that, dunno when i'll start again :/
  • @camerox where did you learn bro?
  • Oh ... I want to see your work @Red
    It's always good to see people's creativity! :3
  • @TacoDude117 The internet, There are so many good tutorials. But the basic syntax and stuff was the mad maker challenge.

    MAKE THE PUNCH BOWL... too bad I don't have the image on me atm.
  • RedRed
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    @Thobeo image image

    i thought it would have made sense if the relic looked like glasses, hence the accuracy upgrade, so i made 3 items that when collected would give the googles relic (as any other relic)

    this is one of the items, i made 2 versions it's supposed to be night vision binoculars

    image another item, a lense, again following the same idea

    image the actual relic

    this forum really does like shrinking my images :/ can't see much
  • @Red I got the idea :3
    I thought this new relic is gonna be available in endless mode so I don't bother make small parts.
    About making thing sense, mine relics are just have a different way to effect. Like the Master Glove is originally belong to a super badass never-missed godlike archer, who can shoot a target through 2 blackhole with 1 magic arrow. The Mega Quantum Chip is the creation of a mad scientist (might be Ducan's man) that is implanted in a pro assasin in order to make him more deadly and controlable, but collected after the assasin's last job.
    So how about that! :v LOL!
  • @ThoBeo i didn't think of an archer but i did think about a target, that's why i made this sprite image
  • you got the number of fingers for the archer's glove right, props to you
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    @ThoBeo I really don't care about relic backstory, I just care about whether or not can I kill stuff better with it
  • Well I just make sprites :D
  • @ThoBeo I need you to authorize me to view your files hahaha :D

    All done here, all I need are sprites
  • Sorry :v some how it's not shared. Done now. Check it!
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