Video Tutorials for Relic Hunters Zero Open Source

Official playlist:

Tutorial #1: Setup & Configuration

Tutorial #2: Basic Guns


  • Nice job mark
  • I just noticed for the first video I saw a folders called "Relic Hunter Forever"
  • What is it mark? I need to know.
  • damn, i checked his room (saw a wall-e and the spongebob's thingy, no idea how you say it in english, its shell) and the bookmarks, guess i should have checked better

    we're watching you mark...allways watchingimage
  • Well :v seem like you guys dig too deep in those tut-vid. lol! Spoler alert!!!!
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    WHY?!?! DO!?!?! YOU!?!?! USE!?!?! THAT!?!?!?
  • @camerox my personal high school laptop. i cant really install stuff on it.
  • i used to love mozilla it crashes my pc whenever i open it,

    sitting here on google chrome ;( i cri evritim
  • I loved Firefox as well. Now I'm on Chrome, wishing for Firefox to come back to its glory days
  • I use Chrome on my school laptop and Firefox on my computer
  • I use firefox and chrome at the same time on my home computer.
  • @Camerox the only reason I do that. My fire fox won't play video with out crashing so I use Chrome for videos and fire fox for stuff like RHZ forum.
  • @OTC wow that's my same problem :o
  • @Red I see..
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    I bet Relic Hunters Forever was that weird super smooth Jimmy art you showed us earlier. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I also learned how to actually pronounce your last name today 爆発

    *stares dramatically at two videos*

    "It's time."

  • @1hkem there wat
    there aren't any videos
  • @MrArcade

    sorry my computer really is retarted. links never work unless they're direct
  • i just copy paste the link into the comment
  • The problem is that the link isn't finished, the end of the link is relich when it should be relichunterszero
  • the relic hunters forever thing.... it means...... relic hunters for ever-ybody...... yeah..... he left off the end, YOU GOTTA STOP DOING THAT it's bad for your reputation and most importantly, in order to be successful in life you have to mak- (leaves off end)
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    the game is afoot? I always thought gaming was a leg.


    @TheGameIsAfoot but seriously though, thanks. I thought my computer was just being foolish when in reality... maybe i was the fool.
  • no problem man, I joined this forum to help out after all
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