Update 13 - Changelog

Update 13 - New Hunter: Red Officially Released

Hey hunters,

Today our new playable hunter, Red, is finally out of Beta state and officially released!

To unlock Red, you must break open 20 Kami Cages on Adventure or Endless modes. I hope you have a lot of fun with her!

I have also fixed a long-time annoyance for gamepad players: sometimes you start to aim down sights, and the camera locks into a certain direction, but them you want to turn to the other side while still aiming… and the camera stays there!

This is fine for mouse+keyboard, but could be improved for gamepads. Let me know if you like it right now!

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My twitter: http://twitter.com/markventurelli

Happy hunting!



Red officially added to the game;
Red can be unlocked by freeing Kamis from their cages 20 times;
3 new Steam Achievements: "Here Comes The Rider In Red", "Legendary Red" and "Freedom!";

Gamepad now adjusts camera every 45 degrees when you are aiming down sights;

Fixed a bug where the Halloween theme song would play on the Spaceheart;


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