Who wants a flame war

Type what ever you want I'll get my popcorn


  • Hillary clinton for president
  • I'm not about American politics so I don't know wut you talking about unless it's Obama or Trump
  • Well just so you know hillary litteraly wants to bn christmas
  • @nothingtoseehere WHAT?!
    ...that seems almost worse than Trump. Isn't America supposed to be a country full of people from all over the world with different cultures and all? I mean, you can make Christmas less important and the president or whomever-the-f*ck-rules-alongside-her/him don't have to celebrate it, but banning it will probably make 50% of the people live somewhere else. Like Europe. Europe is good as well. Did I mention Europe?
    Maybe Hillary is a ducan terrorist Muslim in disguise!
  • Choosing a president this election is like a suicidally-depressed teenage girl trying to decide which STD she'd be more comfortable living with
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