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My body is a virgin, but my mind is a whore... what


  • @MrArcade

    FNAF world was received horribly, and for good reason... It just fvcking sucked!

    FNAF 1 was original and fun (7/10)

    FNAF 2 was an expanded, improved version of the first, and with added lore (8.5/10)

    FNAF 3 backslid in gameplay, but added lore... which wasn't fun without gameplay. (6.5/10)

    FNAF 4 completely ditched the series' somewhat interesting security camera gameplay, and got too confident in itself. (4/10)

    This new FNAF spinoff game was labeled "Sister Location" in the pic, most likely meaning it was a supporting company of Fazbear co.

    The animatronic in the background just looks whack, but at least its an actual animatronic, and not one of those cheesy nightmares,

    I never really even cared for these games, but me and my friends talk about the lore a lot.
  • RedRed
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    then you and your friends have some problems :)
  • @Red

    I agree please help me
  • @1hkem me too
    Matpat was right
  • the phone, the phone is ringing

    there's an animal in trouble

    there's an animal in trouble

    there's an animal in trouble somewhere

    oh no! a poor 1hkem stuck in a forum full of bots! whatever shall we do!?
  • Nobody even noticed a discussion I made

    I feel sad
  • @MrArcade
    maybe it's because the bots have returned
  • Who missed me
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    No one, really. MEEEEEEEEE
  • Oh it is thine O T C. h o w a r e y o u , n I c e w e a t h e r w e ' r e h a v I n g
  • image
    I'm just starting a project and school gets in the away. so i wont get much time to go on
  • Hey, I'm grump
  • N a n o M a c h i n e s, S o n !
  • I'm not so grump
  • D o n ' t F v c k W i t h T h i s S e n a t o r!
  • did my pic work?
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    sorry pal, no go. but mine never seem to work either for some odd reason.

    longing rusted daybreak furnace seventeen benign nine homecoming one freight car... Someone could make Bucky, with a single pinkyy's gauntlet that blocked shots that hit it/or that it hits
  • I love how only OTC responded properly to my comment
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    sponsored by me, created by me.

    this website doesn't allow annotations. I advise you go to YouTube to watch it
  • Press Q for play of the game.
  • To all senior forum users here:

    ...What the heck have you guys been up to?
  • Messing around...playing Dark Souls 2, buying the 1st one as well (my computer is too shit for dark souls 3 :/ )
  • @PixelHunter
    If you are wondering what is going on in this discussion I don't know. This is a random discussion board after all.
    I been trying to get the last trophy I need in rouge legacy before I get the platinum and messing around with game maker in my free time.

    How are those dark souls game I only played demon souls (never beat it)
  • @NinSegaBros Not sure what you exactly meant, but if you want comparison to Demon Souls then I can't really help that much, I'm a PC player (thus I never got to play Demon Souls or Bloodborne)
    A lot of people say that Dark Souls 3 has a lot of similiarities to Demon Souls, so if you can afford a PS4, try that.
    You can always buy DS 1 or 2 for your PS3 though, DS 1 is better with PvE while DS 2 with PvP (in my opinion at least)
  • @MrArcade
    I did not know that demon souls was only for ps3 I got it for free for having PlayStation plus. If I do beat it and want to goto dark souls I will just star with 1 and go in order. I won't get a PS4 soon, I wait until the next console comes out so that the previous one drops down in price.
  • Dark souls 3 is amazing if you get it on ps4 add me(alegramo) we can play thogether
  • is anyone else here watching GoT?i started a few days ago and i'm at season 2 episode 6
  • I am an Overwatch addict, just ask Red
  • where's my habanero
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