Relic Hunters Zero's birthday - big Update coming!

Hey hunters :)

I've been super-absent lately, haven't I?

Been trying to finish and release Star Vikings, but the game is bigger than I'd anticipated! Haha! Beta should be live next week though.

Relic Hunters Zero will be 1 year old on August 18th!

This is cause for celebration, isn't it? :)

I'm preparing a HUGE upgrade for the game, along with a special surprise.

Thanks for staying loyal to the game and motivating me all this time! You guys are the best <3



  • Waiting ...
  • heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh

    no seriously though, I've had to keep the depressingly small amount of forum members alive this whole time you were gone
  • @1hkem yeah I see only you, MrArcade, and Red on the three word post.

    I have an mod idea to try and keep the forum alive it is elemental damage like what @Sempiternelle made with the freeze effect.
    1) Fire - weapons that have a chance to burn, when burn lose % of hp every so often
    2) acid - creates a cloud that when in side slows the person down and deal small amount of damage
    3) electricity - when hit with it, it will hit the next closest enemy and create a chain like effect (still trying to figure out how to make this work)
    4) water - can do 2 things:
    1) cause drench which will increase the effectiveness of electricity
    2) get rid of burn and any acid cloud

    I have not start on this just looked at Sempiternelle code for their freeze effect and thought of how the code for the other element should be. The hard parts for me will probably be what the effects and weapons should look like and then doing the chain on the electricity.
  • Haha I know what you mean, but the community is still alive. Just spread out due to the lack of updates :)

    I am just a single guy, so it's hard to keep multiple projects going on at the same time.

    Was hoping that with the game going Open Source someone would start doing some of the heavy lifting, but that is still on the future it seems :)
  • @markventurelll

    Yeah people want a lot from this game that only has about one person working on it

    1) They want an easier way of installing mods (like steam workshop)

    2) There is no online multiplayer (this is a big thing trying to code in itself to my knowledge)

    3) The other versions of the game are not up to date to the newest update
  • 1) Will never come, unfortunately. It is a limitation of how Game Maker works. That's not to say it can't be done - but the whole way of loading files and code would have to be rebuilt from the ground up, and become much more complex. It's just not practical;

    2) Will also never come, for the same reasons as 1 but multiply the difficulty by a factor of 10. But the next game though... :)

    3) Game Maker requires me to actually have a Mac and a Linux machine to compile for Mac and Linux, which is completely stupid but it is what it is. In the past I've had people compile those for me, now I'm all by myself =/
  • Can you implement a weakness and resistance system to light/medium/heavy ammo on enemies so that it's a good idea to carry different weapons and upgrade both of them giving more strategy and depth to the game as well as learning to use different weapon types and combos
  • @MrArcade

    well he's already working on the update, and unless he can clone himself, there's only one Markventurelli to work on these projects, so maybe leave out the suggestions... or maybe not. that might just be my own head telling me not to because of the 35 different discussions I've made regarding my ideas to be implemented.
  • Haha rest assured that I've read all of the ideas and discussions, both here and on Steam community. I also try to keep up with youtube/twitch gameplay videos, and Steam reviews.

    I think I have a decent grasp right now on what the best / most cost-effective changes are for Zero.

    With the Star Vikings release so close it's been pretty stressing to keep working on it on the side, but I will not fail! :D Have faith!
  • Don't be stressed out! :3
  • dID YOU HEAR WHAT HE SAID? "I've read all of the ideas and discussions" let that echo for a minute

    yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

    you very well know what all this means
  • @MrArcade

    (crowd goes nuts)
  • Just saw the new patch on Gitbub :3
    So the update is coming soon ...
    *Downloading ...*
  • I still don't hace access to my PC though...
    Also, do Red, 1hkem, Ninsegabros and OCD know about this?
  • @MrArcade

    I know about this I just don't talk a lot, been busy, and recently got back into warframe.
  • @NinSegaBros Me too, I want to get Hikou Prime before it gets vaulted. Will still play RHZ though
  • @MrArcade

    I would help you but my luck in getting the prime parts I want are really low. I only got one prime weapon out of my 140hrs of playing and that is the paris prime (and I got that yesterday)

    I can give you some advise on it though. Just farm for the relics that it bp and parts come from till you think you have enough or till it gets vaulted. So that when it is vaulted you have a good amount of relics to try and get them.
  • Are you guys hyped for tomorrow? :D

    3 big surprises coming! \o/
  • Wow :3 sound good to me!
  • edited August 2016
    You mean today right? It's 18 of August 9:28 AM here
    @NinSegaBros 1. All the Hikou prime parts are Common from relics, so they should be easy to find
    2.My luck isn't the best either, I grinded for Paris Prime for 4 days.

    And then I started using dread anyways.
  • I will be waiting til the update comes :)

    1) What parts do you need left for the hikou, I can see if I have them.
    2) I been trying to get paris prime since mid-late of 2015 but no luck until a few day ago.
    3) I prefer the look of the paris prime over the dread. (lucky they both pretty much one shot any thing around lv100 or lower if build right)

  • I just woke up so for it's 18th now :)

    STAY TUNED it's coming later today! Follow me on twitter if you don't already @markventurelli
  • @NinSegaBros Hikou pouch from Axi K1 and V2 (both can be found at hieracon, pluto)
    And Hikou Prime stars and blueprint (not sure where but somewhere with Lith relics I think)

    It's 19th already 10:06, I don't even know what timezone are you in
  • Well, I just watched the trailer.
    1. Daily runs!
    That's pretty much all we need to make the tournament less random!
    2. I want that kami launcher
    Can I has it
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