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  • So Starbound got a MASSIVE update and not only is there a whole storyline to the already cool sandbox game, but multiplayer is super easy now! anybody wanna play? I've got two characters, I made an extra so he'd be somewhat low leveled, that way anyone who decides to join me will be only as strong as I am.
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    Starbound! YISSSSS
    Have they made it so you can join via steam or are we going to struggle with a server? I was away for a week so I just found out about the update
    EDIT: "multiplayer is easy now" Lol I can't read
    I case you forgot after like 3 comments of me mentioning it, my Steam nickname is "Dutczar #TeamHeavy"
  • Also, on another game topic, cookie clicker is fun
  • @MrArcade

    you've shamed me with the mention of cookie clicker. my steam is iamihkeM, ask me to play anytime today and I'll invite you (or you me, if you can figure it out for yourself lol)
  • Jojo's bizarre adventure ALL STAR BATTLE is fun
  • @OTC can it be gotten off of Steam?
  • @1hkem
    I still need to buy starbound, I have the money, I just need to go out and see if any place still has a $20 steam card.

    Jojo's bizarre adventure ALL STAR BATTLE is only for PS3 if I remember right.
  • @NinSegaBros yeah it's only ps3.
  • @NinSegaBros do you need a steam card? I buy paysafecard, maybe sth like that is nearby as well
  • @NinSegaBros

    yeah, you can join me (pop soda the robot wizard)

    and MrArcade (Gandolf the cowboy star man)

    on an adventure!
  • I feel like we should switch names tbh
  • @MrArcade

    You can change your name by going /nick (whatever you want your name to be changed to)

    it will only appear for others though. for instance, if I change my name to mega summoner dude, I'll always see pop soda, but you'll see mega summoner dude
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    I know, you already told me.
    Also, king of thieves is a fun game, but it's on phone, not PC
    And Terraria 1.3.2 realeased, but it's not as big as Starbound update
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    Considering I'm an american cowboy that is made of fire...

    (And I know it's technically plasma, don't judge me)
  • @NinSegaBros

    the point is, you should join us :)

    I recommend downloading the undertale music soundtrack for starbound because most of the time me and MrArcade will be playing that
  • I also have another one that adds a ton of songs, from games to some other ones, I don't remember how was it called
    "What is love"
    "He is a pirate"
    other stuff
  • @MrArcade

    open the game, click the gear that's in the bottom left of the title screen. all your mods are listed.
  • @MrArcade
    Yes I need to buy a steam card (unless someone gifts me the game which is not going to happen)but there are only two places near me that I know of that still have $20 steam cards are Gamestop and Walmart. I just have to wait til I can go to one of them.

    I probably won't do that unless I have to. If the game has its own music I will just use that unless it is needed ,if the game has no music, or if I don't like the music <- (this only happened once).

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    Well by music it's not the background music, it's the music that you can play on instruments, so it doesn't override the music in game and it (should be) safe to remove whenever you want.
    Here's a showcase of how it works, there are also videos on YT showing how to import your own songs

    My mods:
    Super Song Pack
    Extended Songbook (nothing major, just increases the box size so you have an easier time looking for songs)
    Ace Attorney: Music Pack (just 2 songs though)
    The Song of Storms (1 theme, again)
    Undertale Music Pack (A MUST)
    Racial AI restorer (just a sprite change to the AI of your ship)
    EDIT: Just found a pack of mods called SoundBound collection with music from Cave story, Bravely default, Berserk and Jojo with some other animes,ETC.
    Installing ALL OF THEM
    Weapon Stats is also useful
  • Mod suggestions:

    Formidable crewmembers (if you play solo, it's very useful)
    Enhanced party interface (makes everything nice and simple with multiplayer)
    Metal Gear Solid Alert Sound (it's just... so much better than a little beep)
    Starface (character sprites look nicer)
    Glitch armor edits (it looks great, even if you don't play a glitch)

    that's what I suggest for a better playthrough of the game, it's mainly just aesthetics and little extras other than "formidable crewmembers".

    I'm gonna find all those music mods now!

    tip: in case you try and install "starbound hoarder edition" I must note it will force crash anyone who tries to open basically any container you have on your ship. don't do it.
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    I might, but are these safe to uninstall?
    I think I'll only download music and interface mods, no sprite or AI changes
  • @MrArcade

    as for starface and glitch armor, you'll never want to uninstall. everything else... uh?
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    Well everything else expect Formidable crewmembers should be fine, unless that's also an interface change. I doubt it.
    Would be useful though, 2 out of 4 crew member I got yesterday are Janitor Florans. Speaking of which, I thought I'd start doing these quests a little bit, but after 5 minutes my quest log was filled with them and I had so many escorts some didn't even join and stayed,
    + the reward bags had me return VERY often because of cluttered inventory. I got A LOT of them, and I think there are still 3 crew members in the village that I can't recruit because it's full, and I need 4 upgrade modules.
    So basically, these aren't as rare as you made them sound, unless I got lucky. And I think I did, because the planet just happened to be so small that I could sprint all around it in 3 minutes, allowing me to beat like 5 quests in one go, so.... yeah, maybe just luck.
    EDIT: Also, I'm stuck on the scan floran objects mission I just can't get enough of them, is doing quests for florans gonna help? Because a few of them counted as scans for some reason...
  • @MrArcade

    lucky? heck yeah, I get like 5 quests in a 30 minute time span and only one of them gets me a crew member
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    Lol really? I had to leave the planet to upgrade the ship for 3 crew members left there, and when I saw some quests on a nearby planet for the glitch I was instantly like NOPE NOPE NOPE
  • If any of you guys have a PS3/PS4/PSP/PSvita. feel free to add me. its SpiralMorioh
  • @OTC

    MDswaggerz ...

    transfer from my ps3 when I was 13, ok
  • @1hkem its better then my NNID.
  • I just bought starbound now.
  • As NinSegaBros mentioned it on my conspiracy theory, maybe we can play Brawlhalla? I really loved Super Smash Bros Brawl on my Wii, but didn't play Brawlhalla too much because of keyboard.
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