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  • @MrArcade
    If you haven't customize your key binding for brawhalla, you might want to. I had to put doge on the space-bar to be able to use the keyboard until my controller started to work aging.

    What controllers do you have? There are a few controllers that work a brawhalla with the right adapter.
  • Genesis P44 wired gamepad.
    It didn't work about half a year ago (at least not properly) but then I sent them an email (they want people to submit their controllers if they don't work) and I should try it again sometime.
  • i kinda like brawlhalla
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    I tried it, controller still doesn't work.
    Well, it does, but the input is incorrect.
  • sorry I haven't been on starbound recently, I'm playing Overwatch until competitive season 1 ends. also, I'm pretty sure they're releasing a new character soon, and I wanna be there
  • Will you have time for RHZ tournament? :D
    I removed my web browser's cookies while cleaning my PC and that removed my progress in Cookie Clicker!
  • As anyone else played Niho's open beta? stuck to the first boss but damn do those move sets make you feel good.
    (it's basically dark souls with ninjas and samurais, and a shit ton of move sets)
  • RedRed
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    when you have bad connection and you post the same message 3 times
  • RedRed
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    when you have bad connection and you post the same message 3 times
  • I won't be playing it

    PC Master Race
  • pc master race yet you're missing out on a great game, sooooooo...
  • Yea

    it's not even the fact that I think PCs are better as much as I just can't afford it
  • I just bought Borderlands 2 with all the DLCs.
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    Let's necropost a bit
    Do you guys remember flash games? Those you might've played as a kid on the internet? I replayed some of them for nostalgia.
    One of those franchises has even made it to steam, not sure if you heard of it, Epic Battle Fantasy.
    The first one has Zombie Goku as a final boss, so you might want to check it out.
    Here's the steam one:
    You can also play it for free on Kongregate, armor games and such, but you won't have the DLC from the steam version.
    And a 5th game is being developed, 30% done ^^ HYPE
  • flash games lit (ok fingers emoji) (moan emoji) (100 emoji) (fire emoji)
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