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Anime/TV/Cartoon/Youtube series discussion

lets take about shows


  • what's ya favorite anime right now? I just finished with Jojo's bizarre adventure. all of it!
  • @1hem it's a tie of cowboy bebop, Mob psycho 100, Jojo's bizarre adventure (2012, stardust crusaders season 1 and 2, diamond is unbreakable). I did read all the manga in 2 months. Will not part 1, 2, 3. I'm buying part 1 and 2 mangas
  • I dislike anime.
    Like...I don't know why,
  • @OTC
    I've heard of all of them but only watch Jojo
  • @1hkem you should check those out
  • @OTC
    cowboy bebop is weird... I like it...
  • @1hkem cowboy is my favorite and it gets pretty sad at the end
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