Year 2: Sequel, Daily Runs, Community Pack, Massive Changes



  • and how is red a girl? red looks like a guy to me
  • Hey mark I want to ask you when legends comes out please keep updating zero cause i will get really sad if zero stays the same
  • hey have u guys played spooky lands lately I'm really wanting to know about the stupid parrot ghosts
  • @PUNNYPALYERZ, @punnyplayerzx, @punnyplayerz

    1. There are a few things that make Biu a bit better then the others
    1) His shield can reflect almost anything (can't reflect physical attacks)
    2) He has a passive that when ever you beat a stage he gets some health back
    3) Because he has no shield you don't not need to buy/use any overshields or any shield related relics or challanges (like the kami instantly break shield)

    1.b) Try writing your password down exactly like you typed it, so you can make sure you typed it in right.
    If possible try the keep me signed in option.
    There is a I forgot my password option to if needed.

    2. Even though Ridder looks like a guy, if you go look in the code it will say her and she just like punny and pinkky

    3. ?:! <- I don't under stand this

    4. Go here for info about legends: Zero will be updated for as long as Mark and the community keep making ideas and other things for the game.

    5. Last I remembered the ghost you can not harm it. You can make it stop moving if you look at it but when your not looking at it, it starts to move aging. It also kill you if it touches you if I remembered right.
    If you get a hunted chest and open it you will get a spooky weapon and the hunted challenge (a ghost will appear until you get rid of the challenge)

  • hey dose the uppdate work on mac srry i have been away so i don't know :P
  • @ThoBeo ok :/
    @PUNNYPALYERZ Biu IS op. That's kind of the main point and even a running joke of sorts.
  • Slot Machine and Sacrifice table are great ideas, but I will delay them a little bit because I'm still figuring out how to improve the economy and difficulty balance in Endless mode!
  • is there any chance therses a release date for relic hunter legends/ and will it be avalibe on steam
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    @markventurelli Did you just resend the same comment? pretty sure you already posted it before
    @NinSegaBros 5. The ghost teleports to a different part of the level if you keep looking at it for a certain amount of time
    Touching it doesn't kill you but it DOES get rid of your shields and possibly kills you afterwards (I don't know because it never killed me)
    And the challenge doesn't come from spooky chests after Spookylands, it only comes from spooky chests you dig up, which...I actually haven't found in the dailies or endless mode after update Year 2. Possible bug?
  • and also why do the kami elietes have the misiles i like them but they are hard to kill especially because at times they stay on the ground for 1second( or more depending if theres ducans) and then they start to fly
  • how do u get the community pack or is that not available yet??

    The kami elites shoot homing missile because it was one of the changes in the year 2 update

    It is not out yet to my knowledge
  • @PUNNYPALYERZ missles were added so elite kamis were less of an i-frame-enemy-that-wastes-your-time and more of an actual deal
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