My personal tier list

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The title says it all

From best to worst:

Biu (OP)
Jimmy (So balanced, so good)
Raff (Meh...just Jimmy but with a gun that reflects stuff. Technically sh*t with heavy weapons, but not that it matters in this game too much)
Red ("You and what army?")
Pinkyy (I hate melee)
Ace (That luck tho)
Punny (A glass cannon, but replace the "cannon" part with a short range mediocore flamethrower)


  • Biu is broken haha he is not even on the Daily hero rotation.

    My top tier is Pinkyy though. That super-shield is sick.
    Next is Ace - luck and extra cash really carry you through to the end
    Then Raff -> Jimmy -> Red -> Punny

    Only reason I don't place Red higher is that she is very strong at the opening moments but her minions quickly start to get weaker as you climb to Loop 2
    Punny is only really viable on late loops if you really invest on those shields because otherwise you won't be able to keep Overshield for long
  • I think were Punny shines is when you play with someone else, especially if they are Pinkyy. Reason being is that they both have the highest shield capability in the game. While one tanks the damage the other one can hide and recharge the shield and then both of you switch places to let the other recharge their shield. And if both of your shields are about to go out use Pinkyy's special so y'all both can get out of there to recharge.

    But the one problem with this is luck,you have to hope for things that help out your shield and get read of any of these challanges if you can't deal with them:(I don't remember the names but I know what they do)

    1) Kami bites break shield instantly
    2) Damge to shields are doubled
  • @NinSegaBros
    Yes, that's a good strategy to play with friends.

    If you have any friends.

    And even if you do, you need an xbox controller because x360ce doesn't allow me to use my normal gamepad.
    At least that's the thing for me.
  • Sorry I can't help you with your controller, I use the SCP DS3 tool and all of our controllers we use it for work except for one.
    2 wired rockcandy Xbox controllers
    2 ps3
    1 wirerless rockcandy ps3 (this one does not work right, all the buttons are mixed up but work perfectly on the ps3)

    You can still you Punny just fine by herself if you play a bit more carefully. When I play as her I try to keep my eye on her shield amount, if it hits about half or below, I will dash out of the fight and wait to recharge.
  • raff
  • Good to know I'm the only one who dislikes playing Pinkyy
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