Welcoming Abe, our new team member! +Q&A: Ask us about the new Relic Hunters Legend



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    Oh well, will still buy it

    On a Steam Sale of course
  • @MrArcade that's how you make sure you support the game devs you like :/
  • @Red Not sure if that's a question or criticism
  • @MrArcade what about the crowd funding?
  • @MrArcade i'll tell you that it's not a question :P
  • I don't have a question, but I do have a request: Use the newest built-in controller system not libraries like Xin.
  • ok sorry I'm not excited anymore i am dead broke no money 4 me
  • @acsantana do u think that the new game will be as popular as legends? and also are u going to work on more rouge snail games????
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    @PUNNYPLAYER The game we are talking about IS Relic Hunters Legends
  • @MrArcade maybe he's talking about star vikings? dunno
  • So... many ... questions

    We - me and @markventurelli - were on a Brazilian game dev conference in the last few days, so I couldn't answer until now.
    And now I can't cause I'm kinda sick, but I promise I'll get back to every mention here soon if I don't die.

    Pinky promise.

    Later, hunters.
  • oh sorry I ment zero
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    Holy smokes, a bazillion questions!

    Sorry, no time to go through them all. The gist of it, though:

    - Yes, Steam and other PC distribution channels such as GOG (on Windows/Mac/Linux), hopefully consoles as well;
    - Game will cost between 15 and 20 dollars;
    - There will be a Kickstarter or some other form of crowdfunding where you will be able to get very early access to the game and help us shape it up;
    - Open world is original Legend of Zelda style (which means more Dark Souls, less Skyward Sword);
    - You play as a brand new character called "Seven", but you will meet all of the original relic hunters and fight alongside them if you choose to do so;
    - Betu does all his 2D art in Photoshop and 3D art in Maya;
    - There will be online co-op multiplayer, underground dungeons, secrets to discover;
    - Game is being built on Unity and programmed by an actual programmer (Abe), so expect a much more robust game technically;
  • I look forward to throwing my money at the project.
  • Damn ... budget issue for me :p
    Gotta save some from now!
  • How is Dark Soul more classic LoZ than Skyward Sword? It's new, but you still go around opening chests, getting rupees, and going through dungeons beating enemies and solving puzzles on the way. Dark Souls has these, but it's more like Ocarina of Time and onwards because of the combat system.
    I'm not sure if I'll be able to kickstart, or even buy at a normal price. My parents aren't too happy of me borrowing money for games.
  • If this game come on steam and has the deal were you can buy the pack that has 4 copies of the game I might just get that and give the other 2-3 copies to people here. (If it has share-screen I will give away 3, if it does not I will give away 2)
    But I will only do this if it gets a 4 pack and is on sale.

    If you are able to get it on consoles, which one(s) will it be? And if you are able to will you try to make it cross-platform?
  • Sad to hear that some of the longest-time fans of Relic Hunters have no money to buy or kickstart the next game :(

    Tell you what, if any of you here from the forums is able to convince a friend to buy/kickstart, I'll personally gift a copy to you :) Sounds cool?
  • @Markenturelli

    Once I get every thing set up I should be able to buy/kickstart. If I do will you gift a copy to someone here?
    Also when will you star a kick-starter?
  • i think i should have the money to hopefully kickstart the game, but i doubt any of my friends are interested
  • Well thanks :3 Mark!
    And I have a question about system riquirement. What will be the minimum stat to run the game?
  • This idea of gifting a copy is to help the ones here who can't afford it, not to turn it into a "buy one, get two", ok? haha

    As for system requirements, we're aiming at my old laptop (core i5, 4GB RAM, GTX 550). We'll try to keep the game running at 60fps on it throughout production
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    @markventurelli Nah. 1. I don't have that many friends
    2. The ones I convinced to play RHZ played for like an hour and were like "Meh, I guess it's cool" and then never ever played it again. I doubt I'd get them to kickstart Legend.
    I guess I MIGHT kickstart it if you give me like a month to save up some money, but may I ask, 1. do you need an bank account to kickstart or can you use paysafe card/steam wallet money/other one time use payment methods (I never kickstarted anything or even bought anything via Internet besides games on Steam, and I never bothered to make any bank accounts or use credit cards so far) and 2. When will the kickstarter start and how long will it last?
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    I'm giving you multiple months, start saving now haha :D

    Kickstarter is happening on Q1 of 2017, probably. It runs for a month.

    Yeah, KS takes credit card, paypal, etc. etc.
  • I'm gonna nag you for a press code, @Markventurelli , cuz it can't hurt to try. I'll still buy the game either way.
  • Well sh*t, I won't be able to kickstart then I guess. Oh well, I'll just wait for the release if the kickstarter is succesful.
  • HOLY MOLY 20$ ?
  • noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I'm dying 20 dollars??????
  • Calm down guys, 20 dollars isn't really that huge of a price.
  • @Red I'm psyched for it. I'm gonna binge record it. If it includes a "Daily" type thing such as what RE:Z has, then it will replace it as my daily video upload.

    @markventurelli Will it have a Daily run type thing? I really hope it does.
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