Welcoming Abe, our new team member! +Q&A: Ask us about the new Relic Hunters Legend



  • It will be a much more involved product.

    I'm almost offended at how I'm making a game for free for a year, and the next one is just $20 and some of you are freaking out :(

    How do you think I'm supposed to pay my bills? :O
  • lol :3 poor Mark!
    Seem like our community is most likely young gamer :D they usually didn't really thought that much about others.
  • @markventurelli HUUUU i don't know, maybe with all of the bounty you get from the community playing endless!?
    or are you gonna tell me that bounty is only an in-game fictional currency and can't be used to make real life purchases?
    because we all know that's a lie
  • I wish I could pay stuff with Bounty :(

    Star Vikings is doing VERY badly (sold less than 100 copies on launch week)...
  • So sorry to hear that, bro!
  • @Markenturelli

    I would buy the game to support you but it won't let me since it says I already have it
  • Don't worry, @NinSegaBros, you guys already support me so much just by being involved and keeping the Relic Hunters community alive through these tough times :)

    I feel like 2017 will be a good year. I have several funding opportunities to make Relic Hunters Legend as big and awesome as I dream it to.

    Thanks for believing on Relic Hunters <3
  • hai there! a new little guy on the forrums here ^-^

    so, will the game have dungeons? and if so, how will they function? maybe a bit like RHz?

  • Hi new little guy =)

    Yes it will! The Dungeons in the game will be created with 4 players in mind. I am designing them almost as "raids" in an MMO, in the sense that they are always the same enemies acting the same way, with unique mechanics on each encounter that the group will need to find the optimal strategy to deal with!
  • Will you use procedural generating method for dungeon. Cause that will bring more diversity to the game. I think every games nowaday should have that in codes :3 Don't need too much (no man's sky curse), just alittle, like dungeon map, enemies (with same level of challenging) ... or maybe even have differ twist play conditions (only melee, only SMG, kill all, kill none ...)
    Well just my thought. Of course, you guys might did it already, but I still feel like to put it out there :v
    Peace out!
  • Dungeons won't be random! But there will be other type of content called "Gates" that will be =)
  • Sound cool :3
  • Im super excited for Relic Hunters Legend!! Ill glady pay $20 for it! Is there any crowdfunding going on for it?
  • @Meowson Not yet I think
  • We will probably open crowdfunding next year :)
  • Awesome! I cant wait to to support your work!
  • hi again new profile again new pic RIP OLD COOL PUNNY PICTURE anyway um @markventurelli can u inform us on possible bosses for the new game??
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