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  • I'm just going to assume nobody but me cares about these forums anymore
  • I care about it but:

    1) I am not much of a talker/poster
    2) Recently were I work at I had to work more hours because we are short on staff so I don't get as much time to myself
  • yea it's just you
  • lol just got an lucky/unlucky run on endless mode
    i got 3 rare? weapons out of the boxes you dig up first spooky reaper after that Minigun and last Relic cannon but i died the lvl before the Dukan boss Duckan? Dukan? Dokan?? whatev :I
  • Jimmy - best character
  • I was taking a bath, thinking of stuff. Then I was thinking of monsters because Halloween, and then a horrible thought came to mind: A MONSTER THAT KILLS YOU IF YOU'RE WET.
    This might not sound terrifying, but when you think about it, it means crying, sweating, and peeing yourself is a death sentence.

    Why did I even post this here
  • just wondering but you know the ghost in spooky halloween thingy is it possible to kill them they are so annoying also when you get a ghost gun from the box you get haunted effect that spawns a ghost
  • They teleport to a different place if you look at them long enough. You can't kill them, and the haunted effect is meant to happen if the chest is dig up and not found in spookylands
  • Good to know this is still a thing
  • ooh... this is awkward but uh...

    forgot how to unlock Red

    pls tell
  • Destroy kami cages in endless. I think it's like 50, not sure.
  • The bots slowly creeping their way to the bottom of the forums don't surprise me anymore
  • @1hkem & @MrArcade

    You just need to open 20 kami cages in either mode but some people had a problem were if do in adventure mode it would not count towards getting her.
  • Relic Hunters Legend is open world, online co-op, and with customizable character builds

  • I still think @markventurelli should give some of us admin/moderator/whatever you wanna call it permissions for these forums. it's not like we can abuse the power on anyone since there's only like 6 of us who stay here consistently. it'd just be nice to have someone who dwells on the forums more often to take down bot posts and remove their permissions and stuff
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    I'm making a youtube channel where i'm gonna do a satire and intentionally bad mccree cosplay and impression. Obviously i'm gonna play overwatch but i'm also downloading a McCree mod for skyrim and when someone has time and is actually in the mood maybe they could throw together a mccree mod lol I'd record it and give credit
  • @1hkem ...But nobody came.
  • RedRed
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    don't wake up the dead from their sleep
  • Nope.

    Wait shit I fell for it
  • RedRed
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    summons require the caster and 2 allies to complete.
  • Lol :3 who dare to wake me up ... all of sudden ...
    I was busy trying to take back my soul from the "Lord of Shadow". Those shadow creeps is making it way too hard. Take me quite a long time already.
    I'll try to come back next week. Need to focus on spells now.
  • Let me tell you of the best spell of them all

  • silence

    Nothing's changed, eh?
  • noupe
  • @cjeman1234

    Sorry I have not been here but were I work it been busy and we were short on people this week (I only worked 4 days this week but went into overtime)
    but now it should start getting back to normal their.

    Then someone got me Monster hunter generation so I been trying to finish monster hunter 3 ultimate before I play that.

    We need to find a systems and games that we have in common like so when can play something together while we wait for ledgends with me the systems I have that have game that have online are:

    A 3ds, PS3, PS4, and my pc or if we came find a game on steam that has low system requirements that come in a pack, example castle crashers
  • PC only
    Dark souls 2,
    maybe Starbound,
    Borderlands 2 (and I now also bought TPS),
    Robocraft MAYBE (I kind of hate the power creep that appeared and made my go-to tank rather squishy and overall it changed A LOT, not always for the best imo),
    Spiral Knights (a good MMO with actual combat),
    Brawlhalla (if they added support for my controller),
    Garry's mod,
    Duelyst (imagine Hearthstone combined with chess), Magicka (there was Magicka: Wizard Wars which was specifically for PvP which would be great, but the servers are closed now because they didn't have the money for it ;-; people weren't interested),
    FORCED (this one is overlooked by many imo, but it's REALLY good. It can be done solo but it's recommended to play this in multiplayer, and since I enjoyed the hell out of it just by myself, as hard as it was, I think it'd be great if you guys tried it),
  • @MrArcade

    Dark souls 2, don't have
    * Terraria, have
    Starbound, have
    * TF2,
    Borderlands 2 have it on ps3
    Robocraft , I played it for a little while but stopped

    * Spiral Knights, would say this but as of now (look at note section of this post to see why)

    Brawlhalla (my most played game on steam(about 400 hrs) and I am still not that good, only high gold) , how hard is it for you on keyboard/keyboard&mouse? (I am not as good as it on keyboard but it made due till I got another controller) if well enough you could use it until your controller is supported or you can get your hands on a controller that is supported
    Garry's mod,

    Duelyst,played it did not liked it that much because you played on the same board (I know there are not different board layouts for balance issue)

    Magicka, don't have and never played it
    *? FORCED, possibly
    Unturned, multiplayer is a hit or miss we me because of connection
    * Warframe, have


    The * means i play it but can right now because of my controller, the right stick is what some people call is "sticky" (it acts like it is always being held in certain direction)

    The *? is asking if it uses the right analog stick.
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