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    Pretty sure FORCED needs the right analog stick for aiming melee attacks, but I don't think it attacks until you press another button, so if you are at least able to change it's direction temporarily, it'd be good enough. (then again, same would apply for terraria, and if you can't play that, I'll assume it's sticky for good.) Granted, you COULD just be there for helping with the co-op puzzles or activating bombs and puzzles, I guess. Here's a gameplay trailer in case you have no idea what it is and didn't bother to look it up.

    Also, is not having a joystick a problem for Terraria? I mean, you play Starbound fine, and Terraria didn't have controller compatibility up until like half a year ago. Same for Spiral Knights, I thought controller support was neat when I saw it, but then I started playing it and it was really awkward to use items and stuff.
    And I don't think TF2, being a first-person shooter (like Unturned tbh) , is really that much better while played with a controller, but maybe that's just me sucking at aiming. (I only use controllers for games that don't require aiming with a stick, mostly platformers, with a few exceptions like Binding of Isaac or Enter the Gungeon)
  • @MrArcade

    I know how to fix a sticky analog on a regularr ps3 controller but not on the one I am currently using, it is an afterglow ps3 controller

    I will use the keyboard and mouse if need I just feel a lot more comfortable using a controller. (most of the games I mainly use it because on a controller movement is so much better on a controller to me)

    Yes I did play starbound but I like terraria a little better because of its controller support

    Spiral knights controller settings i think i changed it abit to play it better

    In tf2 I mainly only use the keyboard if I play the sniper.

    I should not have to wait long I should be able to get another ps4 controller in about a week or 2
  • Also, you guys do live in Europe, right? Just making sure so that it's not too laggy if we play.
  • At least someone was kind enough to ban the bots.
  • on steam:
    garry's mod,
    terraria (i''ve finished the game on expert with some friends, but i knew nothing and it was a mess, i am currently playing a solo server on normal and i am at golem),
    i have more games but i don't think they're great fun,

    titanfall 2,
    and more

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    You beat expert with knowing nothing? How? XD
    I mean the boss' health scales with the amount of players, so it's kind of hard to fight them if someone only shoots at them without exactly knowing how to fight them
  • Heyo guys
  • my PC is a load of barnacles (its a laptop that can hardly run Minecraft for 30 minutes without overheating)

    I have a PS4 and so does Red but he's rarely on lol
    (I am on plenty and love playing Overwatch, Terraria, any of those weird free multiplayer games)
  • @MrArcade

    I do not live in Europe sorry


    Hey, how have you been

    @Anyone who has a ps4

    these are the games I have that have online multiplayer (we do not have many games for it because we got our ps4 early mid december of 2016)
    . God Eater rage burst 2
    . Street Fighter 5
    . Samurai warriors 4
    . Call of Duty Black ops 3 (mainly because it has split screen)
    I plan on getting battlefield 1 once it goes down in price

  • Well, it seems like the game most of us have is terraria, so maybe that?
  • @MrArcade

    Do we all have it on the same system? Because I thought terraria was not cross play between platforms.
  • It's not, I thought everyone said it's on PC
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    Well, I've bought Enter the gungeon.
    Been addicted to it for a week now.

    Also, just a week ago, the long awaited Supply Drop update dropped (get it?) and came with a challenge mode.
    Only 0.1% players have did it so far, and though it's only been a week, I don't think it will go up much further, since I died on 2th floor while I usually make it AT LEAST half-way through.
    And I'll be probably trying to do it for the next god knows how long because I'm a masohist apparently.



    Wish me luck
  • @MrArcade good luck, I've heard that Enter the gudgeon is hard
  • mmmmmmm
  • tastes like "i wish i had the willpower to keep coming back here"
  • Hey guys.
  • I got a question. Would anyone like to join a relic hunter Discord?
  • yea sure
  • Remember that achievment from gungeon that 0.3% people got that I thought I'd spend a lifetime getting?
    The "Challenger" achievment (I think that's how'd it translate from Polish) at the very bottom. And I got it on just my 7-8th try.
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