How to make sprites that fit the game visually

Hi everyone!
I've made some stuffs as you might already know if you check the forum. And I was lucky to get my first hunter concept got attention from devs, but then I've found out that my sprite works got the problems with pixel density. It has 1x1 pix scale but the original game scale is 2x2 pixel scale (only some special details got exception) so eventually they have to rework my sprites. Then after wondering around forum I saw many spriter make the same problem with their works (we all want it's beautiful right :3 ). But to make our mods more fit to the game and get attention from devs maybe we should make sprites in right density.
That is why I will share to you how I make new sprites with right density.
Here is how I make new gun sprites:
1. Open GM studio, load the project, go to Sprites/Guns. Then go ahead dupplicate any gun srpite to work with.
2. Next is click to Edit Sprite then change the sprite's scale. Go to Transfrom/Scale or use shortkey "Ctrl+Alt+A". Now the original sprite is 2x2 pix scale so let Halve it down to 1x1 pix scale then work from it.
3. Next, I make a copy of the original sprite, draw a black line next to it similar to it scale then erase the sprite only. The line is for remind me the scale of the gun that I'm gonna make and I still leave the original sprite just in case. (I can compare 2 gun if I want to later)
4. Now use your imagination to create new gun sprites by using the smallest line (1x1pixel). Then change the scale of all the sprites 1 more time to the real size that we want by click on Double.
It's all done now :D I've just made a new gun sprite and it have the right pixel density. Name it then I only need to make an object file and the pickup_object file so I can use it in game.
That's it! All other sprite works I do the same method to achive the best fit mod for the game.
Hope this will help you guys and goodluck to you all in making awesome mods :3
P/S: My English is might not good so please don't judge me if I make some mistakes.


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