Relic Hunters Zero FAQ

Hi everyone, just thought about answering some of the most common questions about RHZ upfront.

Where can I find press information, videos and screenshots of the game?

Right here on our presskit() page.

When is Relic Hunters Zero coming out?

It's coming out on Steam on August 18th, but you can grab the source code right now.

Which platforms is Relic Hunters Zero coming out for?

Currently just Windows, with Mac and Linux ports planned. No console versions are planned.

How much do I have to pay for Relic Hunters Zero?

Not a dime! The game is absolutely, 100% free. No microtransactions of any kind, just plain honest "free".

WHY is this game free?

A lot of reasons. We believe in making stuff we love just because it brings us joy. Mark started programming when he checked the source code of one of his favorite games of all time, Spelunky. We believe the game can grow and become much better and more relevant if everyone can participate, but that doesn't go well with a pay wall. And finally, we have plans to keep on working on more Relic Hunters games, just like Spelunky itself had a paid version a few years after the freeware release.

Where can I find the source code and start making something with it?

You can find all relevant information about Relic Hunters Open Source here .

Can I add a pink rabbit to the game and call it mine and release it on Steam?

The full open source license can be found here [MISSING LINK]. TLDR version: you can use the code in any way you want, even on commercial projects, but you cannot use the Relic Hunters name and intellectual property, nor any of the visual and audio assets that make up the game.

So if you want to change all of the game's sprites to pink rabbits and release it on Steam as "Rabbit Hunters Zero" we would all gladly pay money for that.

Who created Relic Hunters Zero?

The game was mostly developed by two Brazilian guys: Mark Venturelli (Code and Design) and Betu Souza (Art). Also, the overpowered Raphael Müller designed the sound effects, and chiptune artist Goto80 provided the free (and amazing) music in the game.

How long did it take to make it?

We started making it on Epic Game Jam 2014. But because of Chroma Squad we had to halt development for quite a while, so up until August 2015's release we estimate about 3 months of total development time.

What other games have you made?

We worked on games such as Chroma Squad, Dungeonland and Knights of Pen & Paper.

Where are you on social networks?

You can find us on Twitter @markventurelli and Rogue Snail's Facebook or Relic Hunters' Facebook.


  • "And finally, we have plans to keep on working on more Relic Hunters games, just like Spelunky itself had a paid version a few years after the freeware release."

    Relic Hunters confirmed to be best game series of all time.
  • No, you're confirmed to be the best fan of all time <3
  • No, you're confirmed to be the best developer of all time! Chroma and now Relic Hunters? You truly are god-sent <3
  • I've got just a general question. In the game, it says Punny is only good with heavy weapons. What is considered a heavy weapon?
  • edited September 2015
    @ThePenguinNich Ones that use blue ammo and are blue in the hud.
  • @camerox but that's just not true. Jimmy is better at using the sniper, the assault rifle, and the other heavy auto gun.
  • @ThePenguinNich thats because he's good with all weapons
  • @The_Fallen_Gamer But if Jimmy is skilled at all weapons, and Punny is skilled at heavy ones, they should both be skilled with heavy weapons, no?

    But that's not the case, like I said. Jimmy is better at using the sniper, assault rifle, and the machinegun, all of which use the heavy ammo type.

    That means either ammo type is not what's being talked about with what chars are skilled at what, or it's simply a bug.
  • I never noticed that
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