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I've not been getting many notifications saying you guys are mentioning me. Any time you want me to pop into a conversation and add some witty one-liners or maybe a suggestion I'll be there!

NOW. I have returned to my people, and I wish to stay. But I must of course have a reason to do so. Please, my companions! @MrArcade @Red @Camerox @ThoBeo @NinSegaBros and other assorted users! To live the forum life we must sustain off of eachother. to survive these tough conditions we must have eachother's backs! If we are to all stay in the forums, no, our home, then we must @mention eachother a ton so that we'll have a reason to return and keep fighting another day!


Fill me in on all the new Relic Hunters updates, and the progress on that new game


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    @Red @Camerox @ThoBeo @NinSegaBros spread the message
    As for the updates, not sure when was the last time you checked, but I assume before Year 2 came out.
    1. Daily challenges became a thing, and we had a little contest for a week where I was unofficially crowned the king of RHZ. By myself, of course. And because most people only played like 3-4 times.
    2. Balances. Plenty of balances, like slower shield recovery but lower delay, speeding up all characters, including Biu (still needs more buffs imo) etc.
    Just read this
    As for the new game, pretty much everything is explained in the Q&A.
  • @MrArcade I played through the game in full once to see what was up, it seemed all chill 'till the flying kamis shot at me and a big-@$$ purple kami charged at me and shot a hyper beam
  • I don't remember kami tanks shooting kamehamehas....
  • @MrArcade
    It was more like a really big plasma bullet
  • well he reflects your bullets while he's in one spot.
    Imagine Biu on steroids but also dumb.
  • heh i've been spriting for another game...maybe i'll post the sprites on offtopic...maybe
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    The progress on the new game there has not been much on it because Mark has not been here in a while (hopefully because he is working on it)

    the most we have is this:
  • Oh hi guys!
    I'm busy lately so don't have anything to post in forum, just walk by sometimes :3
    And I think the game is slowly grow cause our dear Mark is not around. He seem to be working on the RHL. Also not many new mods got discovered in the forum.
    Well, for now, I just hope that I can get back to make some stuffs soon in the future :)
    Peace out! ~ <3
  • @NinSegaBrros

    "online co-op up to 4 players"

  • @1hkem

    Here is some stuff that Mark has answered for us about the new game:

    - Yes, Steam and other PC distribution channels such as GOG (on Windows/Mac/Linux), hopefully consoles as well;
    - Game will cost between 15 and 20 dollars;
    - There will be a Kickstarter or some other form of crowdfunding where you will be able to get very early access to the game and help us shape it up;
    - Open world is original Legend of Zelda style (which means more Dark Souls, less Skyward Sword);
    - You play as a brand new character called "Seven", but you will meet all of the original relic hunters and fight alongside them if you choose to do so;
    - Betu does all his 2D art in Photoshop and 3D art in Maya;
    - There will be online co-op multiplayer, underground dungeons, secrets to discover;
    - Game is being built on Unity and programmed by an actual programmer (Abe), so expect a much more robust game technically;

    also he has said this:

    "Sad to hear that some of the longest-time fans of Relic Hunters have no money to buy or kickstart the next game :(

    Tell you what, if any of you here from the forums is able to convince a friend to buy/kickstart, I'll personally gift a copy to you :) Sounds cool?

    "This idea of gifting a copy is to help the ones here who can't afford it, not to turn it into a "buy one, get two", ok? haha

    As for system requirements, we're aiming at my old laptop (core i5, 4GB RAM, GTX 550). We'll try to keep the game running at 60fps on it throughout production

    (I just copied this info I was to lazy right now to summarize it)

  • I will buy Relic Hunters Legend even if i can't afford it!

    Despite my long absence this game and its' heir are still relevant to me
  • If it comes on steam with a 4-pack I will buy it and give the other 3 to others here that can't afford it
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