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Low Performance / Stuttering? Read this


If your computer is within the minimum required specs and you are still experiencing low performance and/or stuttering in Relic Hunters Zero, know that this is *NOT* normal behaviour. All of the cases I've seen so far have been a video card issue.

As of right now, RHZ requires a dedicated video card. This means that performance WILL be sub-par in Intel Graphic Cards, or anything else that shares memory with the computer. Even some GeForce video cards on notebooks will have shared memory sometimes.

The game should always run at 60 frames per second. You will see a small counter appear on the bottom right corner of the screen if that doesn't happen.

Just disable the memory-intensive effects on the Settings menu. Start by removing "Persistent Objects". If this is still not enough, disable both "Dynamic Shadows" and "Reflections".

With there 3 effects disabled, the game should be playable in pretty much any modern computer at 60 frames per second.


  • It should work on any PC right? It runs on my android
  • Just saying, the game CAN run with 2GB of Ram, DDR2 RAM (my example), and the lag is almost unnoticable if no Shadows/any special effect except 100 Particles is enabled
    Of course my pc is *Slightly* old, i still have an Athlon II X3 440 as my processor, You might want to change that in the specifications of steam @markventurelll
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