Global Forum Rules

edited July 2015 in General
Hi everyone, and thanks for participating on the forums!

Just wanted to lay down a few ground rules so that we can all get along:

1) Be as nice as you can. Just remember that everyone on the internet is also a real person on the real world. We all say something that we regret from time to time - just say you are sorry and let bygones be bygones.

2) The official language of the Forums is English. There are people from all around the world here, and English was chosen as the best fit to facilitate communication between everyone. Please try to at least include an English version of your comment or post so that everyone else can understand you.

3) We will edit and remove anything we find repulsive, such as racism, sexism, threats and all that general ugliness.

4) You can post links and talk about your projects, games and Youtube channels, but only if they are related to the forum section, and only one Post - do you have a new video on your Let's Play series? Keep it as a reply to your original post.

5) No spam and evil spamming robots allowed. If you see something along these lines please report it so that we can kill it with cyber lasers.


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