Tutorial: Translate The Game To Your Language!



  • (I wasn't sure if I should mention these in the bug's section or here, but)
    I noticed a couple of issues with the font use for the spanish translation: It doesn't has an "Ñ" nor a "¿" or "¡" so a lot of sentenses aren't displayed properly.

    Also for some reason PINKYY's description just doesn't show up at all (and the "Start" "Change" buttons are still in english). http://i.imgur.com/7USiaDk.jpg

    By the way, all of the text in the spanish column in the public spreadsheet has been translate for a while, a pity it didn't get in along with the update.
  • Hi, i can't edit the spreadsheet becouse it's locked. Why? I wan't translate Game in Polish :)
  • I will be available to translate the game in to Chinese. Currently the words feels a tad too redundant. I'll fix that.
  • finnish is already there but i would like to edit some things in there... how could i do it?
  • Um...wouldn't it be nicer to use an online localization tool (e.g.: POEditor) to manage the game translation, instead of spreadsheets? Other than this, I think I could help with Romanian.
  • All the new text from Year 2 on the spreadsheet has been translated to spanish. :)

    Now if only these things could be changed, the game would be fully supporting Spanish.

    Also the "The font used for Español is missing the Ñ" issue is still a thing. It'd be great if it could be tackled at some point.
  • Can I add a Dank/MLG-like translation?
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