The Jukebox!

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Everyone on the team loves music very much! Do you have cool stuff to share/recommend? What do you usually listen to when working/gaming/relaxing?

Both me and Betu have Rdio accounts and we always listen to music when we are working on Hunters. You can follow us there if you feel like it (disclaimer: we have impeccable taste in music)


  • Goto80 is the man behind Relic Hunters Zero soundtrack! He makes some really cool chiptune tracks and has just released a new album on Bandcamp:
  • Goto80 tracks very nice, indeed. "Richmond Rockers" is my favourite )
  • My favorite on this new album is "Geminix" :D
  • The game is best suited, something in the genre of 8-bit
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    when im playing on games ,opens playlist on youtube Some House music... like avicii, hardwell
  • Sounds great indeed)
  • I stumbled upon this guy last week, with some awesome 8 and 16 bit version of popular songs.

    so awesome!!!!

  • Not chiptune or anything, but I make electronic music and being a gamer has influenced more than a few of my tracks...

    Here's a good example:

    Awesome game btw, and Goto80's soundtrack is super cool!
  • my playslist:
    feeling sad:

    felling Happy:

  • Completely unrelated to everything, but whatever.

  • You could add this in intense fights.That is when low health and still fighting..
  • I suggest checking out Spotify. It's a valuable on PC and certain mobile devices. It's completely free and If u want, u can get a premium membership to remove ads. I hope this helps for people looking for epic music.
  • i listen to many things. often songs based off of games. it just depends on wat im doing. killing n00bz, i listen to rock. reading, i listen to ChillStep. you get the idea.
  • I mainly listen to some softcore metal or edm at 1.5 speed.
  • Nice to see all this music. I really like to see what other people are into.

    I usually listen to "neutral milk hotel", some band a friend of mine told me about a few years ago.

    I enjoy listening to a wide range of music like "house of the rising sun" from the "animals", "clocks" from cold play, or "golden brown" from the stranglers.

    By the way, you might want to check out this guy:
    He makes many chiptunes, and would like to see them in some games.
  • This doesn't fit the game at all but I like Eminem and Hollywood Undead.
  • I have nothing to add here; I generally listen to cartoon theme songs. I'm unique.
  • Are we going to add an actual jukebox into the game? For the ship, so we can cycle through music we want to play in the background of our quest to slay ducks?
  • Persona -Reincarnation- Soundtracks

    Its as good as Silk feels when you touch it.

  • Yes, I play the open source, more evil version of the Hardest Game Ever. #douchebrag
  • I listen to what I usually listen to on a regular basis: metal, rock, alternative, industrial, punk, or whatever else appeals to me.
  • I just listen to Queen music
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