Download the source code here

Hey hunters,

Today is the day when Relic Hunters Zero's code goes free and open :) It may be an awkward baby, but it was made with a lot of love!



Make sure you read the License. It basically means that the code is 100% open for all use, including commercial, but the Relic Hunters IP and assets are not.

A few more things before I go:

- I'm not a trained programmer and Relic Hunters began on a game jam. So while some of the most recent code is pretty tidy, there are a lot of crazy/ugly/nonsensical stuff in the project. When I began working on the game I didn't even know how to use event_inherited(). I apologize in advance for that. As time goes on I'm refactoring old sections of the code, but there are still some game jam survivors in there.

- I have used code snippets from forums and places I googled while making the game, especially during the game jam. Most of it is credited on the scripts, but past me was in a hurry and there certainly there is code in there that I took from someone else without credit - for instance, my collision scripts are largely based on someone else's work, but I can't recall who! So if you find any code belonging to you or someone you know, please tell me as I'd love to credit you!

- Oh, and as far as I know I haven't used any code that wasn't publicly available! I have the great and friendly Game Maker community to thank for that, as every time I needed to solve something quickly they were right there with an answer on the forums <3

Good hunting! ;)



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