Few questions about the kick starter.

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Few questions about the kick starter.

Post by NinSegaBros » Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:41 am

Hopefully people are still here to answer.

1. How do you pay. Do you use something like paypal or can you use your credit/debit card

2. In the faq you said there will be no local co-op, I just what want to ask a few things why?

It comes down to gameplay: we wanted to do things with the combat design of Legend that would play horribly bad on split-screen. It would also take a toll on interface design. On top of that, local co-op makes the entire development more difficult: networking code, matchmaking, screen design, and much more.

Local Co-Op was an expensive feature that could affect the gameplay negatively for all players

Why would the interface design take a toll?

Could you make it were if you played local you could not play online with it to help it. And made it shared screen co-op?

Why would it affect every player?

3. Can you pledge to multiple tiers to get the rewards from all of them?
ex. pledge $500 for the gunsmith and $1000 for the relic master
(also I just realized that might lead to another problem because would they get the ad-ons twice)

I would like to help kickstart it but still confused on theses things and also which trier to get if i do. ( I am a bit more hesitant to help it without local co-op now)

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Re: Few questions about the kick starter.

Post by 1hkem » Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:29 pm

haha wish I knew

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